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Jan 22

Making A Difference. Offering Hope

school-based-svcsProgram Participants: Youth 5-18

Being a student today can be challenging. It is difficult to be successful in school when personal difficulties get in the way. Many students experience problems in their school, home, and community. They often just need someone to talk to and to help them.

Samaritan Behavioral Health provides licensed therapists who work in selected schools to assist students in managing their emotional and behavioral problems. The result can be improved behavior, less stress and conflict, better attendance and grades, and fewer calls home or trips to the office.

Samaritan Behavioral Health’s School Services offer the following services in schools:

  • Behavioral Health assessments to determine the nature and extent of the problems, with input from the student, parent/guardian and school personnel.
  • Recommendations regarding counseling services that can be helpful to the student.
  • An individualized service plan with behavioral goals developed in collaboration with the student and the parent/guardian.
  • Individual counseling with a focus on assisting the student to perform better in school;
  • Family counseling to address problems that are occurring in the home.
  • Collaboration with school staff to work together on behalf of the student.
  • Referral to one of our staff psychiatrists if it appears that medication may be beneficial.

For more information contact Nancy Bleil at 937-734-3462 or Amy Monteith at 937-734-9461.

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