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Managing Family Stress for the Holidays

Managing Family Stress for the Holidays hover background

Dec 01

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and peace, but often the additional pressures that come up at this time of year make it seem quite the opposite. You need to do shopping, wrap presents, bake cookies, and prepare for out of town guests. All of this comes on top of the normal busy life you lead, and sometimes it can just seem like too much. Here are some tips that can help.

When stress has already reached its peak, it can be more difficult for you to calm down, rethink your process and regroup. The best offense is a good defense, so try preventing stress in the first place, especially if you know that the holidays can take an emotional toll on you.

  1. Lower Expectations
  2. Make Gift Giving Easier
  3. Schedule Time With Friends And Family
  4. Simplify Family Meals
  5. Watch Out For The Holiday Blues
  6. Give Yourself A Break

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